Skin Fluff Mini

  • Skin Fluff Mini
  • Skin Fluff Mini
  • Skin Fluff Mini
  • Skin Fluff Mini
  • Skin Fluff Mini

Skin Fluff: a unisex, multi-purpose cream made to be as light, fluffy and creamy as possible without having any preservatives or emulsifiers.

Skin Fluff is made by whipping shea butter, mango butter, refreshing aloe vera gel, watermelon oil and some light oils literally like whipped cream, to create this luscious, creamy fluff. It's a great cream to use for face/lips/hands, or whatever body part you like.

The Fluff is suitable for multi-skin types, from dry to oily skin. It's made with non comedogenic butters and oils that are quickly and easily absorbed by the skin, so it should not clog pores and does not make the skin look oily, but it is still super skin softening and moisturizing!

Skin Fluff has a mild, calming, pleasant aroma that smells like a mellow woodsy-lavender-vanilla (even though there is no vanilla inside). The aroma will stay on the skin for quite a long time, making it double as a natural, mild perfume.

Unrefined shea butter, mango butter, aloe vera gel, watermelon oil, lemon seed oil, milk thistle oil, vitamin E, lavender essential oils, cedarwood essential oil & amyris essential oil.

Come's in a 30ml amber glass jar.

P.S. Although water-based creams may feel light and refreshing on the skin momentarily, there are a few ingredients in EVERY water-based cream that NEED to be there for the cream to stay together and not go bad, but are actually really harmful for the skin.

Water-based creams are known to be recommended to folks with oily skin because they are "lighter". But the truth is that the water part of the cream evaporates before it would even penetrate the skin, and the stuff that we actually want is the oils, butters and extracts within. Adding water is sadly a cheap industry trick so they can fill a container with a cream that's 75% water and save some mula.

Many water-based creams (also shampoos and other products) have some kind of alcohol added, which give you this refreshing hydrating feeling for a moment but then ends up drying the skin out more.

This is why I only make oil-based products.