Perfume No. 4 Oakmoss & Vetiver

  • Perfume No. 4 Oakmoss & Vetiver
  • Perfume No. 4 Oakmoss & Vetiver
  • Perfume No. 4 Oakmoss & Vetiver

A deeply earthy, musky, smokey & woodsy scented essential oil perfume. A gender fluid scent made for uplifting the spirit & making you smell divine.

These natural perfumes are lovely because they're not too intense, but perfect if you want to spritz yourself with an alluring fragrance that will elegantly fuse & compliment your natural aroma. They might even ease some tension and turn your love on, at the same time.

Aromatherapy perfumes are made by blending pure essential oils, jojoba oil, alcohol & water and allowing the fragrance to develop for 1-2 months. This allows the oils to fuse together and create new complex and decadent aromas. These perfumes are made in small batches, so each batch will be a bit unique.

Served in a 10ml gold spray bottle.

• For easing stress & anxiety
• For calming and clearing the mind
• For grounding