Mañana No. 1 Vanilla & Lavender

  • Mañana No. 1 Vanilla & Lavender
  • Mañana No. 1 Vanilla & Lavender

An elegant, timeless candle in a 20cl golden tin. Made from coconut-soy wax & pure essential oil aromatherapy blends. Mañana looks classy and refined wherever she is placed. She is a great candle for both short & long burns. She'll be great accompaniment to a relaxing yoga session, or for bringing romantic light to a luxurious bath, or for shining effortlessly for hours in the evening. She has even been known to pull all nighters (by accident) and be totally fine with lots to spare by the morning. Though she may seem a bit reserved at first, when she gets to know you she will burn brightly for 35- 45 hours.

• Smells like a woodsy dessert
• For staying grounded
• For easing stress & anxiety
• For Happiness inducing